Wilt and Dave: Client and Architect, continued

Spending Time With Wilt… Bright, articulate, and a true romantic, Wilt was great fun to be around. He was a competitor of great capacity and courage, who when injured did isometrics in his cast and returned to play when everyone thought him to be out for the duration. We spent much quality time together, having ribs at the Brentwood Country Market, going over the work — to create a place that would fit Wilt’s feeling about himself.  A great moment of one-on-one for both Architect and Client.

  Wilt in (not-so-hot) Water… As one can imagine, sooner or later a project will test the budget. Wilt decided to abandon the Architect’s skylight details and have the skylight installer provide a design and install service for the giant thrust beam skylights — two structural gluelam beams which have  60 foot skylights between the members.

It’s Christmas Eve, and raining like hell. My phone rings. It’s Wilt. The low bid skylights have a problem: they leak! “What can we do”, said Wilt. He is truly not amused, and I agree to come up and take a look. Ü


There is just nothing to behold like a seven foot one and one-half inch tall Wilt the Stilt, standing ankle deep in water in his multi-million dollar entry and ready to kill.

Like all things, the rain finally stopped, the leaks were eventually fixed, and my family and I made Midnight service and Christmas did arrive on time.

Wilt’s Legacy… I was truly saddened at the death of my client Wilton Chamberlain. It was his wish to give the majority of his estate to help underprivileged kids get a leg up and out of their unfortunate condition.


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